Pet Urine Damage Treatment

Pet surprises can be tough on your carpet and need to be dealth with immediately. It is easier to remove the pet damage spots in the early stages after deposition while the pet feces are still acidic. If nothing is done for a day or more, then the acid in the urine will start reacting and might permanently discolor the carpet or leave behind a spot. Also an uncleaned carpet can become a breeding spot for bacteria making your indoors unhealthy.


In the cases where the acid in the urine has permanently dyed the carpet there is no way to restore the color. We can, however, patch the area with carpet from a remnant or an inconspicuous area such as a closet.

How can we help?

We will come to your location and assess the urine & pet feces stains and find out all the affected areas quickly. If the damage is quite extensive and the spot has been lying for long, we may need to pull up the carpet, remove affected pad, clean the back of carpet, and treat floor with an enzyme treatment. Then we will install a new pad, and re-install the carpet. In the very worse cases, the concrete slab underneath may need to be disinfected and re-sealed.

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, Give Heaven’s Best a call to restore your indoors back to a smell-free and healthy state which is safe for your family and kids.

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