My carpet had 50 different shades on it… Now it looks so clean!! Will definitely use Heaven’s Best again.

My “light beige” Berber carpet was at least 50 shades of gross gray due to heavy foot traffic from 4 small barefoot and dirty children running in and out of the house all the time (with 2 equally contributing parents). The carpet is pretty much beyond repair but I just wanted it “fresher” and cleaner than I could keep it because I can’t afford to replace the whole downstairs flo0ring right now. I had pretty low expectations!

I called Heaven’s Best because I needed a treatment that was non-toxic and would dry in a few hours (not 3-4 days like standard carpet shampooing). I had three rooms done in under 90 minutes. The house smelled great and fresh when he left. And I can honestly say that the carpets are may be only 3 shades of gray now. We’re going to have him come again after the summer foot traffic subsides. I hate to say this, but if they can keep this carpet alive, we can push the inevitable out another few years.

Tami, W
Brea, CA

My couch is really clean! Great job, friendly attitude.

I hired these guys to clean a couple of furniture items of mine and I have to say for what amounts to an “every day” service they really did a great job… with a very friendly attitude.

The employee arrived on time, spent a few minutes touring my place to see the job and explain the process before starting in. An hour later he was done, packed and left me with a few instructions for how long to let things dry for and future cleaning tips. No hard sell to buy protectors or clean other stuff.

Most importantly my couches are really clean.

Ted S.
Orange County, CA

Did a quick and great job! It smells so clean….what a difference!

I recently had my downstairs cleaned after much neglect and heavy foot traffic. The tech was in and out quick, did a great job and even moved furniture out of the way to get those hard to reach areas. The entire downstairs smells so clean! What a difference!

Kelly E.
Anaheim, CA

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