Area Rug Cleaning

Heaven’s Best has set many milestones in the realm of carpet cleaning. Our expertise is not limited to carpets. We have ventured in the area rug cleaning with our proven, time tested and efficient cleaning products and tailored cleaning solutions. We ride high on the competence of our area rug cleaning experts, who have undergone extensive hands-on training and are well versed with latest techniques and trends.

Our specialization
Our technicians are skilled enough to provide exquisite cleaning service for the entire array of your lovely Persian, Oriental and other types of area rugs.

Discerning clients will immediately notice the difference manifested through newfound sheen, color and feel for their area rugs made of sisal, polyester, jute, cotton, acrylic, nylon, silk or wool fabrics. The long experience of technicians has bestowed upon them an inherent sense of cleanliness that guides them to immediately locate the problem areas and devise adequate handling methods.


We have profound understanding of the fact that the nature of fabric determines the rug handling method. Natural or synthetic fiber reacts differently to same cleaning products and chemicals. This minute detail can play havoc if not treated with due care. We have exclusive products for every kind of fabric. Our technicians possess adequate intelligence to chalk out and implement correct cleaning strategy for different rug fabrics.

The examination of the rug type involves checking the weaving pattern of the rug, the glue type that holds the rug together, the type of constituent fabric, and the dye type used for coloration of fabric. We understand that certain rugs do not use glue to keep the weaving intact. Accordingly, we gear our operational tactic to bring about optimum cleanliness without least damaging the integrity of the rug. This makes the cleaning process harsh on the contaminants.

You should get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once in 2 years. We help to orient the rug in strategic manner that keeps the detrimental effect of water, sun, moth, stains and food particles minimum. The results will stun you. Call us to know more.

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