Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning can make a dull looking sofa, leather couch and other furniture look renewed and fresh. It will also help you to improve the life of the upholstery when done correctly and regularly. Clean upholstery can also improve the quality of air in a home. Pet hair, dust and dirt can make its way into the fabric, causing allergies and reducing the quality of the air. That is why you should opt for a professional upholstery cleaner who does the job thoroughly and ensure that the upholstery material is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Advanced Cleaning Methods for Upholstery
In the last few decades, cleaning equipment and tools have managed to change quite significantly. Today, cleaning products and wide variety of cleaning methods can remove traces of residues and dirt without damaging the fabric or upholstery material. These modern and improved methods are quicker and offer better results.

Why Opt for Heaven’s Best Upholstery Cleaning Services
At Heaven’s Best, we use an exclusive cleaning solution, which when coupled with our extremely potent cleaning system removes all traces of dust, stains and dirt while ensuring that the furniture look good, renewed and fresh. Some of the upholstery items that we specialize in cleaning include the following:


  • Futon
  • Love seat
  • Sofa
  • Leather couches
  • Furniture with leather upholstery
  • Car seats
  • Dining room chair
  • Recliner
  • Bed mattress

Our cleaning method is unique, as your upholstery will be dry and ready for use within an hour. Our cleaning solution is child and pet-friendly. Our prompt and customer-friendly approach ensures that there is minimal disturbance to your lifestyle.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Procedure

We will visit your home or office to inspect the furniture initially. This allows our professional technicians to determine the kind of upholstery the furniture has and evaluate the best method to clean it.

Our technicians then use an appropriate cleaning solution that will help to loosen embedded dirt, dust and soil from the upholstery.

During the rinsing process, our technicians remove all the cleaning soil as well as the dirt and soil from the upholstery. Once this stage of upholstery cleaning finishes, you will find that your holster looks not only fresh and clean, but also better in appearance. This is the stage when our technicians recommend using a protectant, which will help increase the lifespan of the upholstery.

Fabric Protection
A protectant will help ensure that your furniture lasts longer and is protected from stains, spills and embedded dirt and soil. In addition, using a deodorizing product on the recently cleaned furniture can not only make the furniture smell clean and fresh, it can also have a similar effect on the entire room, making it more welcoming and cozy.

Give Heaven’s Best a call today for any type of upholstery cleaning job in your home or office, we will chalk out a comfortable cleaning schedule for you.

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